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Art and Languages

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In our school, you learn languages through art, storytelling, and creative projects. Courses are designed for adults and children who enjoy being creative.
The only requirement is that you have a minimum A1 level of the language you wish to study because our courses start from A2 level.
You’ll learn how to express your ideas clearly, speak fluently, and improve your writing skills.

If you have a passion for creative writing, we recommend our storytelling course. And if you enjoy experimenting with new ideas, you should try our creative project course.


The method is based on the idea that all people are natural storytellers and creators.
We all want to express ourselves and connect with each other. That is the reason we learn languages, to tell stories and spread ideas. We communicate not only through language, but also through art, films, dance, music, cooking.

Our teaching method combines art, storytelling, and creative projects to help you learn the language. 
We rely on alternative pedagogies of C. Freinet, multidisciplinary learning and “carnet de voyage” method to help you learn creative thinking.



With Storytelling, you learn languages through your own stories, not rules. Storytelling is a brain-friendly way to learn, a natural way children acquire their first language.
Scientific researches have found that once you start creating, you become emotionally engaged. All of a sudden, the goal is not to learn the grammar rules but to share your story and express yourself.
And, let’s face it. 
Everyone wants to know how the story ends. Even your brain. Once your brain gets interested, it will start working hard to find a creative solution, even if it’s in a new language.


Behind big ideas, there’s always a personal story.

Hey, My name is Nikolija. l am a teacher, artist, copywriter and a language learner. Someone once said to me “You have to decide what you want to be in life”, and l replied “Why can’t you be everything you want to be ?” So here l am, after finishing Applied Arts and French language and literature, on a mission to help creative people learn languages the way they prefer, through stories and art. Our vision is to help people discover their creative side and live their full potential.





Meet our students

florian wi (2) (1)

I tried 3 teachers but Nikolija is definitely my best teacher. She is very nice, motivated, dynamic, smiling. She uses the platform with methodology and efficiency based on our personality. So for me, she is the best of the best 😀




matthieu Joly

J’hésite à donner un avis positif car je ne voudrais pas que Nikolija n’ait plus de créneaux pour nous 🙂 Nikolija donne des cours à nos enfants, elle est au top et ils l’aiment beaucoup. Elle parle français donc elle peut les aider quand ils sont en difficultés. Ils progressent vite et nous continuons avec plaisir cette expérience avec elle.

Matthieu Joly


(Marseille, France)


Nikolija est un professeur de talent. En fonction de vos envies et de votre niveau, elle s’adapte à vos besoins. Elle est très pédagogue et est très patiente. Sa voix est claire, douce et son accent est impeccable. Elle est très professionnelle et ses supports sont de qualités. C’est un réel plaisir de pratiquer l’anglais avec elle. Je la recommande a 1000 %.

Charlotte Miralles


(Paris, France)


Kind teacher… Always keeping us motivated.

Raul Lopes



Art and Languages

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